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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apparently I watch a lot of TV...

So, apparently I must watch a lot of TV. I don't think I do, but lately all the stuff I've been talking about or referencing has been related to a show I've seen recently.
Tuesday night was a night of wonderful TV. There was the Biggest Loser where everybody looked crazy different and the transformations were nuts. Even the people I didn't like turned out on this episode to be worth clapping for! It was Great! haha
2 shows really stuck out...
I'm thinking I'll talk just about one of the two tonight... we'll see how that goes.

SO, on gLee...
First off, it was the Lady Gaga episode... after the Madonna episode a few weeks ago, I was anxiously awaiting this masterpiece. While it was less Gagalicious than I was hoping, it was incredibly fun and costumes were impeccable.
So, I watch the show, but not so religiously that I remember every single person's name. I typically refer to them as "dude with mohawk," "pregnant girl," slutty cheerleader," "stupid and innocently slutty cheerleader," "guy in wheelchair," etc. I'm sure anyone who watched (or is my friend on FB) remembers the part that I'm about to talk about...
SO, Kurt is the flamboyantly gay kid on the show, and throughout what I've seen this season, his dad has had some difficulty with this. Obviously, it would be difficult to initially deal with the fact that your son, who you want to take to ballgames, talk about girls with, burp-fart-drink beer together, etc, is gay. Not just gay, but no-questions-about-it-this-kid-is gay, Gay. Well, I've felt bad for Kurt and his dad while watching them deal with this, and I have to give it to his fake-TV dad, he's doing a great job! The past few episodes, though, he has been spending a lot of time doing "man" stuff with Finn. Finn is Dad's GF's son. Finn is also Kurt's current crush. Dad asked GF and Finn to move in with him and Kurt, Kurt was excited, Finn was very unhappy. So at some point, Finn and Kurt were down in their room arguing about "decorations." I say that with "s because the argument was about much more, but that's what the surface argument was about. Finn went on to tell Kurt what he didn't like about the room and referred to something (several things, actually) as "faggie." "Faggie" in itself was something that would have probably just awkwardly slid on by were it not for the fact that Dad had been walking down the stairs at the time and heard it. (Keep in mind, this is the dad that didn't seem to know what to think about his gay son, who had been spending time with Finn doing straight guy stuff, and who wears FLANNEL in almost EVERY episode)
SO, Dad walks in and asked Finn what he said. Finn had a little difficulty explaining, so Dad spelled it out for him. The word "faggie" isn't ok. It's something that people use a lot and completely disregard the meaning behind it or the emotional weight that it carries. Dad goes on to ask if Finn uses the "N" word- No? Because it's disrespectful and hateful? Really? Does Finn call the little differently abled- precious as can be girl on the Cheerios a Retard? No? because that would be mean? Because it would be hateful and shameful to call a girl with downs syndrome a retard? Really? Where is the difference? Obviously, I'm throwing in a little of what I think, but in a nutshell, this is what Dad did- only I'm pretty sure he made Finn feel much much worse about it than I probably would have been able to do on a network TV show.
I just thought this was so great because the past few weeks, we've been watching dad interact with Finn like Finn was his son, and Dad has been kind of ignoring Kurt while doing so. Kurt has been obviously bothered by this. I thought that scene was a great display of this Fake-TV father's love for his son. Although his son is not what he had originally thought, he loved him and stuck up for him. Although his son is the complete opposite of himself and dad isn't able to fully understand how/why/etc, he stepped in and took up for him. Although his son is flamboyantly over-the-top with his sexuality and it makes his father moderately uncomfortable, he still stepped in when someone was saying something to his son that was hurtful and hateful, and made sure that person knew it was wrong. Although he has had difficulty figuring out how to connect with his son, he stepped in- and in that one moment, it was perfect.

Exactly where a daddy is supposed to be when someone is intentionally hurting their child .
Exactly what a daddy is supposed to do when something like this happens.

It was just a show, I understand, but it was a great illustration of a Father's love for His child. His child.
A child He loves no matter...
who he is,
where he is,
what he is.

You just don't see stuff like that on TV every day...
especially not surrounded by the wonderful music of Gagaloo :)

Next TV show: Parenthood.
This is a GOOD ONE! lol