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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Missed a whole month!

So, I missed an entire month! I am so sorry to the 2 people who read this blog.
I'm sure your life has been empty and boring while awaiting my next words.
Well I would just like to say...
   You're welcome.

I'm feeling pretty crappy tonight (allergies), but I thought I would update a little bit again.
As far as my 101 in 1001, I think that I have only completed 3 more things...
Here we go!

#33- Keep fresh flowers in the house for 2 months straight- Thanks to my husband (and my nagging, of course), this was completed May 26th. However, it is still going on. I have 2 still-live flowers currently in the house. We'll see how long they last- or if they get replaced.

Currently, these are hanging out around the house...

#42- Wear a scarf as an accessory (not just to keep warm)-
While in Denver for work, I pulled this look off.

Impressed? You should be! Also in the picture, you can see the progress I'm making toward blonde(r). I will get there, slowly but surely!

#95- Stay up all night with my husband (for no good reason)
- This was also thanks to our friends Kris, Jeannie, and Danny- we went out a couple of weeks ago, and didn't get home til almost 4... then were playing darts until almost 5 and someone noticed that the sun was coming up, so we went out on the front porch and watched the sun come up, then went to bed for the next 5 hours.  It was a super fun night, and I wish all weekend nights could be that awesome! However, I am sure our neighbors are glad that doesn't happen often, as several most likely heard us talking loudly while waiting on the sun. I'm just glad none of them woke up and came outside!!

OK that's all I have for now; I'm going to bed with a bottle of nyquil!