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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vacation Ideas

Obviously, I am killing it with the blog updates.
I feel like the majority of my updates start with be talking about how much I suck at remembering to blog. Oh well.
I would say I've been busy, which is kinda true, but mostly I just haven't had ANY desire to be near a computer after leaving the office.

Here's the current reason I'm crazy:


"But Emily, Vacation is fun and relaxing and blah blah blah." YEAH once you get there!  If we haven't met, I'll let you know a little about me. I'm a spaz. I cannot make a decision without changing my mind 20 times and then usually coming back to the original choice.

Here is the train of thought for vacation ideas I have had in the last 24 hours(Many have been researched already. I have an illness):
- Beach. Any BEACH. I don't care- just want sun and sand and water
- Orange Beach
- Savannah/Tygee Island
- Myrtle Beach
- Tour de Six Flags (I'm thinking Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, then home)
- Mountains (This one got thrown out quickly)
- SAVE SAVE up and go to Jamaica
-or Belize
-or Antigua
-OR Cozumel
- Use ANY groupon deal that includes water and umbrellas in drinks


- Disney in June
- Disney in Aug/Sept.
I can't sleep.

So, actually, that is just yesterday from about noon until Midnight. Then I finally fell asleep somehow.

Do you see how vacation is making me crazy?
D & I just submitted requests to take the week of our anniversary off to do something. Originally it was going to be low-key, let's go to the beach. And this is what it has evolved to.

Here's what I'm thinking now:
Use that week off anyway(for me... he can work half of it if he wants), and do something fun 1-2 of the days --Maybe go to 6 Flags or rent a boat and play at the lake for 2 days or go white water rafting and hiking--  and then SAVE our MONEY and go to Disney in September when it is cheaper and less kids are around. Not that I don't like kids... I just don't like them when they're in front of me for a ride. Or in front of me for a picture with Cinderella/Belle/Snow White/Nemo.

So, if someone would like to take over the vacation planning for me, that would be lovely.
Also, if anyone would like to contribute to the "Send Emily to Disney World" charity, I'm working on getting it registered as a 501(c)3.

I might be kidding about that last part.

I said Might.

 ♥ EM