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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My turn! 101 in 1001

Several blogs I follow did this last year. It has taken me a year to decide to do it! I'm a stalker, it's ok. Today is January 2nd, but I'm going to say I started it yesterday, as that is when I hand-wrote some of it out. This should make my 1,001st day September 28th, 2013.
I'll get started- the 101 in 1001 is a to-do list of sorts. Definitely 7943182 times better than a New Year's Resolution. I am excited and nervous- which sounds really silly to me, but I want to do all these things and not have one left. I guess I better get ON IT!

**UPDATE: To see my original 101, click here. I have updated the goals because some were very lofty!**

2. Attend a Georgia Bulldogs game (preferrably in GA) 
4. Pay off the Truck  
5. Use a free night (or two) on my Marriott Rewards card
6. Get term life insurance for D & me
7. Change my name on my passport (I should probably pre-post a "FIND my passport" one...)  
8. Travel across multiple states (by car or plane! 
10. Attend a Packers game at Lambeau Field 
15. Save up an "emergency fund" 
16. Participate in the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart
20. TAILGATE  (Like a pro)
23. Re-cover our dirty storage ottomans 
24. Get occasional chairs for naked wall
27. Attend a Braves game in ATL
28. Re-landscape the front of our house
29. Plant *(& GROW) grass in our yard
30. Figure out if Carmen IS deaf and how bad it is
31. Get down to the weight I was at in 11th grade 
36. Host a dinner party
37. Blog 2x per week for 3 months
39. Go to NYC 
40. Buy and wear an outfit that is not my normal cup of tea
43. Go to Washington DC
44. Visit a winery outside of TN
48. Make our driveway 3 feet wider 
49. Get a hot tub 
50. Make backyard a more entertainment-friendly space
52. Put furniture on our front porch
53. Have friends over to play cards
58. Quit biting my nails/fingers 
59. Go to the chiropractor
60. Visit NOLA 
62. Co-build a bed for said mattress and box springs Unnecessary. We have a box spring and frame. Changing this to something funner.
64. Do yoga for a month straight
65. Make 10 things out of one of my cookbooks
70. Make a curtain/something to cover the window in our back door
72. Put crown molding in our bathroom and/or bedroom 
73. Find 3 add'l pictures to put in my big frame in the LR to complete my seasons idea 
74. Make an awesome present for my husband
75. Buy new bedside tables HA! 
77. Put shelving on a wall in one of the BRs
78. Take a (good/sober) picture of Donnie & Myself for 6 months out of a year
83. Repaint our bedroom
84. Attend a college volleyball game
87. Buy something awesome at a yard sale
88. Tip a server 100% of the meal or more
89. Read the whole new testament (I've seen where some of my blogger friends want to read the whole thing... I think I'm going to skip the begats and begots this go-round)
92. Re-decorate my blog (1/2/11)
96. Make a wreath
98. Go camping for more than one night - and possibly even enjoy myself?
100. Go to Cedar Pointe While I still would like to do this, I don't really care that much. Let's change this to something funner, too. Ill think it up later. 
101. Get a new tattoo
So, there you have it! This will be done, however in no order whatsoever. I'm excited to attempt to take pictures of me crossing off some of these things and blog about them. Maybe putting this list up here will help me complete number 37 at least?
If there is anything on this list that you have ideas to help me complete, please let me know. Also, if you happen to post one of these babies- please link to it in the comments section!
Some of these, you may notice, might also be hints for things that I can't necessarily do... and they may take action from someone else- namely D. hahaha That's not wrong, is it? It's just being nice by dropping explicit hints!

Because I like putting a picture on each post...
Here's a pretty pic of the park where we had to walk our dogs in ATL when we were there in November... it was a gorgeous little potty spot!

Now, if I start walking immediately, I may be able to cross off number 1 by February...



  1. The gift to a friend = me.
    Dinner party = us.
    Cards = once again us.
    Dog Treats = Chloe.
    Pedicure = me.
    Zumba = Once again me.
    Painting or repainting = love to.
    Girls night = me.
    Camping = us.

    and LOOOVE the McBaby idea!

  2. I forgot to put Camping just us 4 for more than a night. haha I want to enjoy it and see if we can do it on our own. We've done it before, but we sucked at it. I kinda want to actually camp as a mini vacation at some point- like not in TN.
    And McBaby- isn't that the best thing you've ever heard? We have the perfect last name- everyone else says "Baby Lastname" or a "Little Lastname" but we can make ours like a breakfast sandwich! hahahahahaha
    - Pedicure- you? You're going to give me a pedicure? Do you have a spa chair in your apartment? BC if so I. AM. THERE.

  3. I would like to be involved in this. So, you can count me in for Cedar Point please :)

  4. Cedar Point = ME - There's no if, vags, or butts about it. I am the Norther after all.