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Thursday, January 6, 2011

32. Give a friend a gift for no reason

Yay! Another to mark off-This is super fun!!

This is part of the gift. And it kind of was 2 gift...s... ?

You see, we took a friend of ours to another friends' house for NYE and friend 1 may have accidentally broken 2 wine glasses that belonged to friend 2. Friend 2 did not expect the glasses to be replaced, but I replaced them anyway. Since glasses come in packs of 4, I kept two and was going to give her the two to replace her broken ones.  I then decided that 2 other friends that we also have enjoyed the large-ness of these glasses, and it would be nice to get some and give them presents! I don't typically like using people's names in my blog, but screw it, this is too hard, I'll use initials. The friend whose glasses were broken and replaced- S. The two friends who loved the large glasses that S had- J & C.  I went after work today and picked up another set of these glasses and split them up so that both J & C had a pair/set, wrapped them, and presented them all to S, J, & C at dinner/drinks this evening.
It was SO FUN! I love giving presents- not so much love getting them unless they're really good ones. hahaha
SO, I can now mark off # 32.
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(And, yes, that is a collection of feather boas and mardi-gras like beads under the glass inside my coffee table. That's my current post-Christmas-I-didn't-know-what-to-do-with-this Decor!)

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