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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

101... seriously

OK so I have done a bunch of new things on my 101 in 1001 blog... and have realized several of them are completely unlikely to happen, therefore I will be changing them to more likely scenarios.
For instance, I will not be going overseas most likely by 9/28/13. Let's just be real here. I'm probably not going to get back on a PLANE before then unless we come across $2000 that we just *forgot* or *misplaced* So let's be a little less lofty with our goals.

My Current 101 in 1001 will be in black (completed things struck through, linked, & in red), and changes or comments will be in a funner color. You'll See! Also, if my ice cream I just scooped out lasts long enough, I might even update on the updates! WAHOO!


1. Visit the beach (I have done this, but it didn't count bc I didn't get to play!)
2. Attend a Georgia Bulldogs game (preferrably in GA) ---GA vs. Vanderbilt this year. WE are GOING 
3. Go to a(nother) Joshua Radin Concert Changing to: Go to a(nother) AWESOME concert --CHECK
4. Pay off the Truck Sweet baby hayzeus this is taking forever
5. Use a free night (or two) on my Marriott Rewards card
6. Get term life insurance for D & me
7. Change my name on my passport (I should probably pre-post a "FIND my passport" one...) Yeaahh... about that
8. Travel somewhere and actually get my passport STAMPED I don't see this happening. New goal: travel across multiple states 
10. Attend a Packers game at Lambeau Field 
11. Finish painting our bathroom
13. Stabilize our fence 
15. Save up an "emergency fund" 
16. Participate in the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart
17. Learn how to use my Crock Pot (I will measure this by completing 5 meals in said Crock Pot) 
20. TAILGATE  (Like a pro)
21. Travel across an ocean Not happening. Changing this to  GO to DISNEYWORLD
23. Re-cover our dirty storage ottomans 
24. Get a storage bench for the LR (against the naked wall!)  New decoration plans. No bench. Changing this to Get occasional chairs for naked wall
25. Make butt pillows for said storage bench (I'm thinking leopard or giraffe print...) N/A change to Get Ladder Shelves for LR
27. Attend a Braves game in ATL
28. Re-landscape the front of our house
29. Plant *(& GROW) grass in our yard
30. Figure out if Carmen IS deaf and how bad it is
31. Get down to the weight I was at in 11th grade Obviously I'm working hard on this while eating ice cream
34. Eat ABSOLUTELY NO Gluten for one month This is harder than it sounds like it would be... 
36. Host a dinner party
37. Blog 2x per week for 3 months
39. Go to NYC 
40. Buy and wear an outfit that is not my normal cup of tea
43. Go to Washington DC
44. Visit a winery outside of TN
46. Retip some of my favorite shoes I'll just throw them out. Changing this to Throw out old/worn out/wrong fitting shoes
48. Make our driveway 3 feet wider 
49. Get a hot tub 
50. Build a pergola over said hot tub and back porch Dropping this. We may never see that stupid hot tub. Changing to Make Backyard a more entertainment-friendly space
52. Put furniture on our front porch
53. Have friends over to play cards
57. Get a professional massage (again) YES! DONE! WHAAT
58. Quit biting my nails/fingers I will have to start wearing gloves 100% of the time
59. Go to the chiropractor
60. Visit NOLA I am working SO HARD on this. There's a conference in September in NOLA that I want to attend
62. Co-build a bed for said mattress and box springs Unnecessary. We have a box spring and frame. Changing this to something funner.
63. Babysit for a friend as a gift
64. Do yoga for a month straight
65. Make 10 things out of one of my cookbooks
66. Read 12 books
67. Make "gourmet" doggie biscuits for all my dog friends DONE
70. Make a curtain/something to cover the window in our back door Does hanging a sheet over it count? 
72. Put crown molding in our bathroom and/or bedroom 
73. Find 3 add'l pictures to put in my big frame in the LR to complete my seasons idea Almost there!! 
74. Participate in "10 Days of Love" either for Vday or our anniversary... I haven't decided yet I still haven't even googled this. So I'm dropping it. Instead, I will make an awesome present for my husband
75. Buy new bedside tables HA! 
77. Put shelving on a wall in one of the BRs
78. Take a (good/sober) picture of Donnie & Myself once per month for a year So far, no. Maybe I should make this "6 months out of a year"
80. Buy bright colored shoes
81. Ask about/possibly invest in contacts 
82. Go to the dentist
83. Repaint our bedroom
84. Go to a Notre Dame game Too many football ideas on here. I'm changing this to Attend a college volleyball game
85. Obtain a pearl necklace to match my beautiful studs that I got for a wedding present 
86. Have a "top tier" of a wedding-ish cake made by Jay at Maples Wedding Cakes for an anniversary dinner
87. Buy something awesome at a yard sale
88. Tip a server 100% of the meal or more
89. Read the whole new testament (I've seen where some of my blogger friends want to read the whole thing... I think I'm going to skip the begats and begots this go-round)
90. Go out for a "girls night"
91. Host a game night
92. Re-decorate my blog (1/2/11)
94. Talk seriously about making a McBaby...
96. Make a wreath
97. Buy an issue of The Contributor for $20 (instead of $1)
98. Go camping for more than one night - and possibly even enjoy myself?
99. Swim in water I can't see through (ocean, lake, whichever)
100. Go to Cedar Pointe While I still would like to do this, I don't really care that much. Let's change this to something funner, too. Ill think it up later. 
101. Get a new tattoo

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