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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 more days

So I have only 2 more days to get up and go to work before I have a FULL WEEK OFF.

2 more days and I can enjoy this for hours:

This means I have only 2 more days to get up super early, get to work early, stay late, work late from home, catch up everthing, write a giant email about every single stinkin client who MIGHT flip their lid while I'm gone (eh... 30 out of the 40, probably), before I have a FULL WEEK OFF.

And by full week off, I mean hopefully I will not have to step foot in that building next week.
But you never know.

I love my job, and yesterday was the best day of my working year, but today evened it out for me!

To be honest, the majority of the issue is that I have been too busy doing far too many things for one person, and my paperwork has suffered.
As in, I keep thinking "I'll put that away later" and I'm looking at papers from March that have been saved for me to put away later.
I'm hoping to get everything put away by Friday, and then maybe while I'm off next week I can write the remainder of my notes that I'm behind on (I'm only 3 weeks behind now, huzzah!), and I'll come back to a week of 5 work days, 17 visits, and not as much paperwork to catch up.

I just have to get caught up so I can stay that way. Just 20 hours of crazy hard work, and I can be there I can do it!
I will keep telling myself this.

THEN while I'm off next week, I will blog about all the things I've done on my list so far!! I have seriously crossed some things off! (And I'm going to change some, because I've realized how unrealistic some of them are...)

PS Last Monday, my parents' dog Libby passed away. Here's a picture of her looking kinda slender...

She was the smartest dog ever. And I hope that if there is a doggy heaven she is kicking some butt at chasing balls, chasing cows, and chasing humans.

OK so next post- uplifting! Go!

I can say I'm less bitter today than I have been... but that may be due to a mixture of frustration/panic, wine, and chex mix muddy buddy stuff.

Who knows.
PS My sunflowers are EXPLODING!!! Every time I look at them, I think of both my friend Sue, and Ms. Newman from my Middle School. I'll never forget Ms. Newman's story about leaving a concentration camp and passing a beautiful field of sunflowers. Like God planted something beautiful for everyone to see after leaving a place of such sorrow.

OK that is it for the incredibly positive, uplifting, loving and exciting post for today!

Next one.

I swurr!
♥ EM


  1. Muddy Buddy mix & wine is at least a semi-cure to all problems, right?! :) Hope you have a relaxing vacay! And PS-- I saw Ms. Newman at the grocery store like 2 months ago... she looks exactly the same.

  2. OMG Katie I just saw this! Hahahaha Yes, Muddy buddy and wine. Fix-all! :)