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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I got bit by a dog today. What kind of dog, you ask?
It could have been a big, "scary" Rott or Pit or Doberman or Chow.
It could have been a nice family dog, like a boxer, heeler, or a golden.
It also could have been a precious little fluff ball like a Martini dog or Pompom.
Chihuahua-Weener Mix.

It almost made a chiweenie-sized hole in the wall, as I contemplated punting that little dog through the dining room.

But I was the bigger person (both literally and figuratively) and just yelped loudly and tried not to cry, as it got a good piece of skin.
I then laughed as it's momma chased it through the house with a fly-swatter.

Stupid dog.

♥ Emily

Because no blog is complete without a pHOto...
This is the barn at my great grandmother's house. Mom and I went up there a few weeks ago. She's currently in the hospital bc she had a really bad infection and her son wouldn't take her to the Dr... so her great nephew had to take her to the ER where they found out that her infection was incredibly worse than they thought and they have forced her to stay since then. She's 96. And still 100% Fireball! ♥

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