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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We HAS internets!!!
I am so excited... if anyone has noticed, I have been Blog-MIA for quite some time due to our neighbors recently placing passwords on their internet. I don't consider it "stealing" so much as "using my resources"

We are now paying for Clearwire, and if anyone wants internet and doesn't have it- I will give you my info to refer you to them because they have been amazing so far! I called the guy at 2:20, he set the appt for 3, got here at 2:59 (Yes, I KNOW!) and was gone by 3:20.

All set up, good to go, router attached to my blue ray player so we can download movies and watch them there, or through our Wii...

I. Am. Amazed.

If you're bored, watch this video-
I hope to one day be as awesome as this girl that is rapping... 1:00 mark is the magic.

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