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Monday, February 10, 2014

Growing Boy!

I tried the other day to upload a bunch of pics of N, but they didn't all want to work.
Let's try this again! I'm currently trying to take a picture of him every Monday (on the same blanket, yes) so we can watch him grow!
I have been taking them on my phone and moving them around into different folders, but not all will upload to my blogger thingy, so here's what we have!

1 week old, super squishr and balled up!
2 weeks old- ready to party for New Year's Eve

I can't find 3 & 4 weeks, so here's 1 month!
5 Weeks old!

6 weeks old- he might be a dancer!

7 weeks!
8 weeks! Such a sweet little giggly boy!
 I am LOVING this new thing Google+ does to my photos of him when I snap them in a row!
Yahoo! There's your update!
♥ EM

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