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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not so bitty baby

You guys.
This kid is like 20.  Seriously, he should start driving any day now.

Weeks 20-30? Is that right? My heart. It can't take all this growing.

20  Weeks
21 Weeks

22 weeks

5 Months and caught the wiggles

Seriously, happiest little squish ever. 

23 Weeks! Pool day wasn't his favorite... 

24 weeks. Y'all, I'm getting lazy. Remembering to dress him AND take a pic each Monday is hard.

25 weeks- THAT FACE

We recreated a photo of D when he was little. This kid is ready to take off!

26 weeks!

6 months old- Big Bear needs a tie!

27 Weeks. More laziness on my part, but how CUTE is that diaper? 

28 weeks! Happy 4th of July!

29 weeks. This is an 18mo outfit. 

7 months old... if only he had some personality. We're still waiting :)

Week 30! That was last week. I'll take this week's pic and post it in 5 months, no worries. 

So for real, slow it down. This child is in size 4 diapers and wearing 18mo clothes. It's those legs. Those big ham hocks... oh and his head. That has ruled out a couple of outfits! :)

I'll post more one day! 

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