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Monday, February 7, 2011


There was this one football game last night...  Only a few people watched it, though, so I don't think everybody knows what happened yet!
Apparently there were these two teams playing for this bowl? :) It must be pretty awesome because people keep saying it's super. 

Yes, this was the scene during the game. He sits right in front of the TV so that they can hear him better. If you didn't know, we are Packers fans. The Pack beat out the Steelers last night to win the Super Bowl and become the world champs! It was pretty exciting! I don't remember much about the game, since the party was at our house and I was running back and forth the entire time, but what I saw of it was GREAT! 
Once the Packers stopped the Steelers' drive in the very end of the 4th Quarter, this is what we saw:
That's right, everyone giving him High Fives because--- I don't know if I've told you before or not, but--- D not only coaches the team, he's also the Offensive and Defensive Coordinator, QB Coach, Lineman coach, and best friend of every member of the team.  Yes, that's everyone giving him high fives for him winning the game! haha 

I love my husband. He's perfect in every way! 

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