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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I made some stuff.

I made some stuff and I wanted to share.
I'm only going to share a couple things, though, as some of the others aren't perfect yet... be looking for more updates, because I've been pumping stuff out like there's no tomorrow!!

Tuesday night, Carmen got sick in her bed... this lead to throwing away everything that was in it- mostly her pillows that she slept on. Martini is a jerk and she has eaten the stuffing out of all the pillows I've bought for her. Carmen's pillows were ones I had made and somehow Tini hadn't eaten through them yet, so we thought it might make sense for me to just make them both new ones. This is the result:

Isn't she so cute hanging out on her new bed? I think she liked it, especially since she went and laid down on it the second I tossed it into the floor! :) 

Martini (the snot), even loved hers! I put it in the floor and asked her to try it out, she then refused to get up. 

That's all I got for this morning, but I thought I would try to update and toss out my precious pictures :) 

More witty banter later, for now I must prepare for worK! 

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