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Saturday, October 15, 2011

More stuff I made...

I made some more stuff today...
Totes stole idea from Pinterest.  New favorite website on which to waste my days!

I made hanging Ball Jar lanterns to hang on the fence.
Plan- To put citronella votives inside them and light them on evenings we want to play out in the yard. Much cuter than our Tiki Torches that used to be screwed into the fence!

This is the beginning... Quart-sized Ball jars, steel wire, wire clippers and some pliers. Once I got the hang of it, I was pretty quick at making them!

That is our back-door neighbors' massive house. Yeah- house is the little triangle in the front... then they built a million-square-foot recording studio with rooms above it on to the back of their house.
Look silly? Yes.
Make the house hard to sell in the future? Obviously, yes... as it has been listed on Zillow for 3 years.

Oh and there's Teenie Weenie licking her shoulder bc that shirt tastes deeelish!

Here's the final product!
I had a brain fart and couldn't think of HOW to get little dots on the inside of the jars, so I thought- OOH! Swirleys like an iced coffee!!!

I then figured out that you PUT the DOTS on the OUTSIDE.
Viola!  I may not be the brightest, but now all the little jar babies in the yard will look like they're full of lightening bugs when they're glowing.

I am excited.

Maybe one day I'll post pictures of the canvasses, fabric squares, and other things I've made recently...

One day!

(PS 2 blogs, 1 week. This might be a record)

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