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Monday, July 19, 2010

Got to work on this Day/Date thing...

OK, so apparently I need to work on this whole "knowing what day it is" thing.
I know.
It sounds weird.
Mostly because I write case notes all day and have to sign and fill out the date... then STILL don't know what the date or day is. I say this because I spent half the day thinking today was 7/26 even though I knew it was 7/19. I even talked Donnie into going to dinner to an event that is planned for NEXT MONDAY NIGHT. Holy moly. You'd think they'd have some kind of contraption that could tell you what the day/date was so you didn't have to keep up with it in your head. Someone should invent that... and name it something crazy- like CALENDAR!
(the name is still in the works, not too sure that's the right word for the idea...)

(There is no point to this picture, it's just pretty.)

I'm thinking that it may have something to do with the total of 8 hours of sleep I got this weekend? Or maybe something to do with the amount of work that I feel like I have left to do this month and the lack of time I have in which to do it.
Who knows?
Anywho, my weekend:

Saturday, we "slept in" (9 am) and bummed around alllll day until about 3 when we started getting ready for a photo session with Kate Whitmore.
We met her in Mboro and she took a bunch of pictures of us being all lovey dovey and stuff... the couple she cheated and let me see on the back of the camera looked SO GOOOOOD! (Check out the sneak peek here) I can't wait to see the rest of them!! I have never had someone take pictures and get so excited- I loved every second of it! She definitely made it easy to feel comfortable and pretty and stuff with her excitement she radiated from behind the camera.

We then went to eat with the free meal tickets that we got the last time we ate at Ryan's (it was disgusting... but this time it was better...) Then to Wall Street, where we sat for about 5 hours. Apparently they sell Long Islands for $4. Ginormous. We came home (with an additional passenger) about 2. Donnie and I were going to bed at 3:30, heard Screeeech, POP! Yeah, someone lost control, skidded through a yard, and slammed into the side of our neighbor's house. So I called the cops, and we had a neighborhood block party in our jammies until about 4:30 am. Everyone is fine- house not really hurt, truck pac-man shaped, but driver was fine. He "wasn't drunk" but admitted to drinking previously in the evening. Apparently was just mad and lost control of the car, then you know what happened- bc I just typed it 3-4 lines ago.
(Did you forget already??)
We met several neighbors that we hadn't met yet, so that was exciting! And found out about the people who lived in our house before us. Mom & 2 sons; good kids, joined bad group of kids and then potentially began breaking into houses. One day, truck shows up, never see 'em again. The kids have been seen a couple of times, and probably were the little crapbags that broke in to the house between our first and last contract and smoked stuff in the bathrooms. Whatever.
So, that was fun. Then woke up at 8:30. Couldn't go back to sleep.

Sunday we spent most of the day trying to fix our washer (yeah, overflowed again. Sweet.) and cleaning camping supplies to give back to my bro.

Mostly best part- Saturday evening. LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED it!
If you ever need pictures for something, I would HIGHLY SUGGEST using Kate Whitmore.
She's super fantastic! But be prepared to listen fast, because she talks as fast as I do when I get excited! I had forgotten how fun it was to talk to other people at speeds most individuals just hear as buzzing. :o)

I don't like picture-free posts much, so I had to add something.
This, my friends, is Donnie's favorite female-restroom-graffiti.
In anticipation of football season...
(Yes, that's green nail polish on the side of a bathroom stall)

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