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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The "G" stands for "Greatness"

I'm sure you remember that our anniversary was actually a little over a month ago (a month and 8 days, actually), but today the present was completed!
Well, it will be in 4-7 days, according to :0)
I do not remember what all I included as to what I got for him, but I think I'll give you a quick rundown. If it's still on this page of feed, suck it up- or just skip to the next paragraph! I gave him the following things (and in this order): Reservations to a hotel in Atlanta, a walking map from the hotel to the GA dome, and faux Greenbay tickets that I made myself (since they weren't for sale yet) for the Falcons/Packers game on 11/28/10. In case you didn't know, D is a big Packers fan. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned these things before!
Single-game (non season-ticket holder) tickets for the Falcons home games went on sale today at 10am EST. So NATURALLY, I had 2 alarms set and a giant post-it note stuck to my computer screen with the time, what sections are OK, and the maximum amount I need to spend on the tickets written on it.
8:55 hits, I log on to (just in case their clock is fast)
8:57 I decided to waste some anticipation by doing a little work- I wrote up two families service plans...
8:59 I went back to and following took place:
Your results will be ready in less than ONE MINUTE

Try expanding your search criteria to find more results

Are you KIDDING me!??! NO- There ARE results to find. YOU FIND THEM, INTERNET! That is your JOB! There ARE NO MORE RESULTS POSSIBLE!
So, I tried again... I did not put any search criteria in at all, and got the same thing two more times, then I tried all possible combos of the options... SAME STINKIN THING!

I then followed the link to the right to NFLTicketexchange through Ticketmaster... I proceeded in ordering two tickets in the section I had previously picked out for $10 each cheaper than I expected to pay. They will be delivered by 8/4/10 (supposedly)!
I'm pretty excited!

The view from our seats:
Yeah, that's right. (haha I say that like it's close... it's not. It's not really close, but the stadium isn't very big, so it really IIIIISSSSSS close!!)

This evening, I looked up PackerBacker clubs in GA, as there are a couple here in the Ville, so we expect that there MUST be such a thing in every major city.
I didn't find too much that was current for Packer Backers in ATL, however, I did find out that there is ONE MORE Packer Backer club in Nashville than we knew of. As far as D and I knew, the official meeting place was in Franklin @ the Franklin Family Entertainment Center (Bowling Alley). They go there and watch all the Packers games during FB season... D used to be the server for this freak show weekly display of cheesehead devotion, and I would occasionally go to watch the crazies games. HOWEVER, there is apparently another such place. We will have to check this out. Nashville Packers is the other PackerBacker club in the Ville area... found the site, looked at it, and saw some familiar faces. Most notably "Greenbay Mike"- Bet you can't guess which one is him in the pictures- Two hints: Green and Yellow Contacts, FACE PAINT. I also saw that their summer party just passed, which makes me very sad. I wonder if they watched the Packers Fan Forum on NFL network tonight? Crap we should have DVR'd that stuff!!
- Just a little secret- I tend to talk about D being crazy and how he yells at the TV and everything.. and how he's a big fan, but since being in this family, I have learned a whole lot about the Packers... and I now can discuss such things with random people. And, I actually enjoy watching the games and I know many of the players' names (so I can join in the yelling at the TV since they can hear us if we yell together), and... you'll be proud, I requested to NOT work support groups the night of September 28th... BECAUSE THE PACKERS PLAY THE BEARS ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. I CANNOT WORK THAT NIGHT! HELLO!
I have learned not to wear any of my Packers gear unless others in the party I'm with (Namely Donnie or Don) are also outfitted in such a manner, as random out-of-towners tend to come up to me and tell me how they're a Bears fan... or that they Hate Brett Favre (which I don't mind hearing one bit), or how Aaron Rodgers became the first NFL QB in history to throw at least 4000 yards in each of his first two seasons ... They also like to ask what part of Whisk-ahhhnsin I'm from... Nashville. That's the answer. Nashville, Whisk-ahhhnsin, Tennessee.

So, yeah- I'm pretty excited about our trip to ATL in November... and if anyone else is going to this game, let me know. PS if you need a place to stay, we may have an extra bed- I might have booked a room that sleeps 6, I don't know.
I'm just really excited about getting the tickets... and getting to wear my Clay Matthews Jersey to a REAL GAME... and Tailgating with the cheeseheads... and not getting shot in Atlanta... and taking Donnie to his first ever live Packers game... and watching my first real live Packers game... (!!)

Oh sweet baby Jesus, I'm becoming one of them...

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